Lee Lamar and Dennis Okerstrom: Final Mission

Lee Lamar recounts his wartime experiences and return to Croatia, where he crash landed during a World War II bombing run.
Wednesday, November 18, 2009
6:30 pm
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Piloting a bomber nicknamed "Bottoms Up" during WWII, Lee Lamar was shot down over northern Italy on this day 65 years ago. Hit not once but twice, the plane veered out of control and crashed in Croatia. Lamar was the last crewman to parachute away, landing in the hands of German soldiers, who sent him to a POW camp for the final six months of the war.

In 2007, Lamar returned to Croatia to visit the site of his bailout and capture, upon invitation of a Croatian archaeological team that had recovered the remains of "Bottoms Up."

Lamar recounts his wartime experiences and return to Croatia with Dennis Okerstrom, a Park University professor of English who accompanied Lamar overseas to record the experience for an upcoming documentary and book.