Paul Mesner Puppets "The Stinky Cheese Man"

Friday, July 25, 2014

Adapted from the book by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith. The story contains zany versions of classic tales with the fabulous humor that has made this Caldecott Award winning book by Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith so popular. You will have fun with Jack, the narrator, who takes your through the twists and turns of this wacky tale. Learn the real story of Chicken Licken or is that Chicken Little? And then there is the Cinderumpelstiltskin. Will she have to spin her own dress? Will she go to the ball? The Really Ugly Duckling will make you laugh and cry and everyone will leave with a somewhat revised view of that Little Red Hen. The story is not only entertaining but also explains how a book is constructed.

Kansas City Public Library Beta