Red-Color News Soldier

A collection of images chronicling the Chinese 'Cultural Revolution' from its beginnings in 1966 through the death  of Mao Zedong in 1976. Exhibition in cooperation with Contact Press Images.
Saturday, August 7, 2010
12:00pm @ Central Library

The Red-Color News Soldier exhibit is among the first visual records of the Chinese Cultural Revolution, which spanned from 1966-76.

Almost no visual documentation of the era exists—and almost all that does is biased—due to the Chinese government’s control of the media, arts, and cultural institutions.

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Li Zhensheng, a party-approved photographer for The Heilongjiang Daily, was granted unusual access to capture events during the Revolution and managed to hide and preserve over 20,000 stills for more than four decades. Those stills became the basis for a book, Red-Color News Soldier by Zhensheng and Robert Y. Pledge, as well as the accompanying exhibit.

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