Westport Historical Society and Westport Library Second Saturday Speaker Series: Mr. Ross Renne of Renne & Sons and the Moving of the Harris House in 1922

Ross Renne, whose family specialized in moving buildings, explains how in 1922 the historic Harris-Kearney House was moved from Westport Road and Main Street (now the site of the old Katz Drug Store building) to its current home at 40th and Baltimore.
Saturday, September 14, 2013
2:00pm @ Westport Branch

Mr. Ross Renne of Renne & Sons will speak about moving the Harris Kearney House in 1922.

How Did They Do That?

The Harris Kearney House in Kansas City, Missouri is a 2-story brick mansion built on what is now Westport Road and Main Street, where the Katz Drug Store building stands. In 1922 the Harris Kearney House—with a 2-story ell wooden porch added in the 1870s—was moved to 40th and Baltimore, where it stands today.

The company that moved the Harris Kearney House—Grant Renne & Sons—is a family owned Kansas City, Missouri business since 1873. On September 14th, Mr. Ross Renne, 5th generation descendent, will speak at Westport Library at 2pm. Mr.Renne will tell us more about how the Harris Kearney House was moved.

A reception for the speaker follows at the Harris Kearney House, 40th & Baltimore.