Westport Historical Society Speaker Series: The Immortal 10 and the Rescue of Abolitionist, John Doy

Convicted in 1859 of helping slaves flee their masters, Dr. John Doy was facing a prison sentence-until 10 of his friends from Lawrence, Kansas, freed him in a daring raid on a jail in St. Joseph, Misouri. Gary Jenkins tells their story.
Saturday, May 11, 2013
2:00pm @ Westport Branch

Westport Historical Society and Westport Library invite you to attend "The Immortal 10 and the Rescue of Dr. John Doy" presentation.

In 1859, Dr. Doy leaves Lawrence with 12 Freedom Seekers. They are stopped by Missouri bounty hunters about 20-30 miles north. The whole bunch is taken to Weston, Missouri where it is noted that one of the escaped slaves is named Dick and he had escaped from the mayor of Weston. They are transported to the County Seat at Platte City and the slaves are either sold back into slavery or returned to owners. The Doys are kept in jail where their lawyer receives a change of venue to Buchanan County. They are transported to St. Joe, the county seat, and held for trial. Charles Doy, the son, was released for lack of evidence and Dr. John Doy was tried. He wass found guilty and sentenced to 5 years for theft of slaves. Ten Lawrence residents planned and executed the jail break of Dr. Doy.

Gary Jenkins' bio: Gary Jenkins was a Kansas City Missouri Police Officer for 25 years. He was a detective and sergeant in the Organized Crime Intelligence Unit for 13 years. His first experience with a video camera was filming mafia members coming and going from an organized crime hangout. In 1996, Gary retired and entered the University Of Missouri at Kansas City School of Law. He began a solo law practice in 2000 and continues to practice law in the area of estate planning and probate.

In 2004, Gary filmed his mother telling her life story. He learned how to insert still photos and other digital images along with music to make a documentary film. This was Gary's first documentary. He volunteered with the NorthCare Hospice, Lifetime Legacy program. In that program, volunteers would film patients telling their life story and add their family photos and favorite music.

There will be a reception for the speaker at the Harris Kearney House following the program.

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