Why I Love My Library Awards Ceremony

Students from the Kansas City Public Schools are honored for their submissions to the 2012 Why I Love My Library contest. Winners take home free books as prizes.
Thursday, November 8, 2012
6:00pm @ Plaza Branch

Do you take your public library for granted? You just might look at it differently after reading some of the responses from school children who participated in the Why I Love My Library contest.

“I love my library because it gives me a variety of books to choose from,” offers one high school student with a fondness for spooky stories, “and I can always find a book that keeps me up for nights after I read the last page.”

One perceptive student declares that “I love my library because the library helps my imagination run wild. Because of today’s media you don’t get to use your imagination often. That’s why I love my library.”

The Kansas City Public Library asked students why they love their library, and the best submissions are being honored in an awards ceremony. The winners will be awarded books as their prizes.

Kansas City Public Library Beta