Saturday, January 20, 2018

Stop by the Bluford Library every Saturday for a variety of board games, card games, and strategy and adventure games. Look through our board game collection, and suggest new games for us to get! Staff will be on hand to help you learn the rules and organize matches.

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Pirates! Pirates! Pirates!!!

Come enjoy a teen lock in with a treasure hunt, break out box, slime and Captain Jack Sparrow!

All attendees must have a signed permission slip to enter and stay for the event. These can be picked up and turned in at the front desk of the library. Please have your permission slip turned in by this Thursday, 1/18.
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Get your heart pumping with line dancing and instruction and fun led by the Stepp-Tacular Steppers!

Original Spin Film Series
Hollywood enters the new year with its usual spate of scheduled movie remakes. Before seeing them at the multiplex, take in original or previous iterations of four of those films in January.
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R — Restricted
Bill Malouche

Today’s gardeners can choose from an ever-widening array of plants in beautiful new colors and forms. Bill Malouche, owner and manager of the Kansas City office of National Nursery Products, discusses which varieties are particularly suitable for landscaping in the Lower Midwest.