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New on DVD: Larry Crowne (2011)

Larry Crowne movie poster

How much do we love Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts? Enough that we'll stick with Larry Crowne, a romantic comedy so slight that it’s hardly even there.

A Tribute to Ken Russell (July 3, 1927 - Nov. 27, 2011)

Ken Russell

Ken Russell, who died Nov. 27 at age 84, was the sort of filmmaker who amused audiences and abused audiences in equal measure. He was not a gentlemanly director, he was more like an anarchistic madman. But a weirdly affable one.

New on DVD: Water for Elephants (2011)

Water for Elephants movie poster

The best moment in Water for Elephants has almost nothing to do with its stars. The strong suit of this melodrama is its sense of time and place, namely America in 1931.

New on the DVD Shelves: Beginners (2010)

Beginners movie poster

Beginners, the second feature from writer/director and modern-day Renaissance man Mike Mills, is a bizarrely funny, sweet, sexy and quite moving movie about a depressed guy. Go figure.

New on the DVD Shelves: Exporting Raymond (2010)

Exporting Raymond movie poster

When Everybody Loves Raymond ended its run after nine years and 210 episodes, creator Phil Rosenthal began thinking about whether his TV show about a bickering but basically loving middle-class family might translate to other cultures.

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