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New on DVD: Albert Nobbs (2011)

Albert Nobbs movie poster

A “trouser role” in opera is a male character can be performed by a woman pretending to be a man. Albert Nobbs is about a woman who takes it a few steps further, determining to live her entire life as a member of the opposite sex.

New on DVD: Certified Copy (2010)

Certified Copy movie poster

Initially it looks as if Certified Copy is going to follow the familiar format: Two strangers spend several hours talking and walking through a picturesque setting. But questions of what’s real and what’s phony will dominate this fledgling relationship.

New on DVD: The Whistleblower (2010)

The Whistleblower movie poster

Based on the real experiences of Kathryn Bolkovac, The Whistleblower carries a big dose of moral outrage. The film isn’t easy watching, but Rachel Weisz’s performance gives the film a human and humane center.

New on DVD: Warrior (2011)

The Warrior movie poster

Fight movies tend to follow the same well-worn paths. Happily Gavin O’Connor’s Warrior tosses in a few welcome changeups. And it’s been so well acted that even the familiar somehow seems fresh.

New on DVD: The Tree of Life (2011)

The Tree of Life movie poster

You’d have to go back to 2001: A Space Odyssey to find a motion picture as inspiring and divisive as Terrence Malick’s The Tree of Life. It's a story of one family, but in fact it attempts to distill the very experience of being human.

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