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Program Notes: Kansas Raiders (1950)

Kansas Raiders movie poster

Though it’s inspired by the Kansas-Missouri Border War and is filled with characters drawn from history, Kansas Raiders says a lot more about assemblyline Hollywood moviemaking than it does about the era which it purports to depict.

Program Notes: Brief Encounter (1946)

Brief Encounter movie poster

You can try to resist the swooning romance of Brief Encounter. And yet David Lean’s film still hooks us, just as surely as it’s been hooking audiences for nearly 70 years.

Program Notes: Fly Away Home (1996)

Fly Away Home movie poster

Fly Away Home is one of those “children’s films” too good to be left to just the kids. Inspired by a true story, it's a ravishingly beautiful, often very funny, sensitive study about family and human/animal interaction.

Program Notes: Amelia (2009)

Amelia movie poster

Amelia is respectable and respectful, with a solid performance from two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank in the title role. But it rarely soars and the big questions that dog the legend are glossed over here.

Program Notes: North Face (2008)

North Face movie poster

North Face is an outdoor adventure based on real-life events. By turns hauntingly beautiful and flat-out terrifying, it puts us in the middle of the action as few films do, and the struggle of two young men becomes our own.

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