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Program Notes: All About My Mother (1999)

All About My Mother movie poster

With All About My Mother Pedro Almodóvar sends a cinematic valentine to women everywhere. It's a heartfelt examination of the feminine spirit, presented through a tapestry of characters and plots densely woven and flawlessly displayed.

Program Notes: Once (2006)

Once movie poster

The plot of Once mirrors about half the movie musical boy-meets-girl plots ever written. But in the hands of Irish writer/director John Carney and his stars, that time-tested narrative is turned inside out with deeply moving results.

Program Notes: Date Night (2010)

Date Night movie poster

Date Night has a great setup but it deserved a better director. The pacing is uneven and the action badly staged. But Tina Fey and Steve Carell, at least, are at their comic best.

Program Notes: Odd Man Out (1947)

Odd Man Out movie poster

Odd Man Out, about the “troubles,” as Ireland’s long-standing friction with the British is often described, is aiming for something less topical and more universal, perhaps even poetic, than a straightforward examination of politically-inspired terrorism.

Program Notes: The Circus (1928)

The Circus movie poster

During the 1920s Charlie Chaplin was the most famous person in the world. And The Circus, which finds the Tramp signing on as a clown at a rundown traveling show, was one the biggest moneymakers of the silent era.