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Program Notes: The Circus (1928)

The Circus movie poster

During the 1920s Charlie Chaplin was the most famous person in the world. And The Circus, which finds the Tramp signing on as a clown at a rundown traveling show, was one the biggest moneymakers of the silent era.

Program Notes: Broken Embraces (2009)

Broken Embraces movie poster

Sex, cinema and fate – three of Pedro Almodóvar’s favorite subjects – are lovingly examined in his Broken Embraces. So, for that matter, is Penélope Cruz, the Spanish auteur’s main muse.

Program Notes: Dark City (1998)

Dark City movie poster

Written and directed by Alex Proyas, Dark City is a spectacularly visionary movie that has since achieved cult status, a bizarre blend of surreal imagery, ‘40s film noir, and gonzo sci-fi.

Program Notes: My Left Foot (1989)

My Left Foot movie poster

At this stage of his career, Day-Lewis' total immersion into the characters he plays is legendary. But it was obvious nearly a quarter-century ago when he won his first statuette for playing Christy Brown in My Left Foot.

Program Notes: The Flower of My Secret (1995)

The Flower of My Secret movie poster

The Flower of My Secret is at heart a traditional "women's picture," but thanks to Almodóvar's unique style it comes off as a minor miracle, both for its heroine and for its writer/director.

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