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Program Notes: When Worlds Collide (1951)

When Worlds Collide movie poster

Some of the science on display in When Worlds Collide looks suspect today... but then we’ve had 60 years of advancement since the film was made. What still rings true are the ways in which humans react.

Program Notes: A Christmas Carol (1951)

A Christmas Carol (1951) movie poster

Every year seems to bring another filmic variation on Dickens’ immortal A Christmas Carol. But none of them has succeeded in surpassing the 61-year-old British version starring Alastair Sim.

Program Notes: Defiance (2008)

Defiance movie poster

Defiance could easily have been just a story about killing and revenge. But this based-on-fact effort is also about something even more challenging – building a society more or less from scratch.

Program Notes: Munich (2005)

Munich movie poster

Thrilling, complex and troubling, Munich is one of the great films of Steven Spielberg's maturity. Lurking deep inside its white-knuckle action is an inescapable conundrum: What if the persecuted become persecutors?

Program Notes: The Bicycle Thieves (Italy; 1948)

The Bicycle Thieves movie poster

If you’re a film geek, you never forget the first time you saw The Bicycle Thieves. That’s because this movie is so devastatingly emotional that suddenly you realize just how potent a movie can be.

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