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Program Notes: Casino Royale (2006)

Casino Royale movie poster

When Daniel Craig made his debut as James Bond with Casino Royale, it was about more than just a new actor taking over an iconic role. It was a significant reboot of a franchise that for too long had been running on fumes.

Program Notes: Dave (1993)

Dave movie poster

The populist spirit of Frank Capra lives on in Dave, a beguiling comedy about a presidential look-alike who finds himself running the country when the real president is felled by a stroke.

Program Notes: Man on the Moon (1999)

Man on the Moon movie poster

Milos Forman's Man on the Moon is a funny, affectionate movie about a guy nobody knew, a man who spent his life devising elaborate charades behind which he hid from just about everyone.

Program Notes: Election (1999)

Election movie poster

Election is a bitterly funny satire that begins as a send-up of high school politicking but quickly becomes much, much more. It’s message may not be heartwarming, but it is diabolically entertaining.

Program Notes: Loves of a Blonde (1965)

Loves of a Blonde movie poster

There is much about Milos Forman’s Loves of a Blonde that is comedic, yet it’s not a comedy, exactly. There’s too much genuine wistfulness, rejection, and desperation percolating through it.