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Program Notes: The Quiet Man (1952)

The Quiet Man movie poster

The Quiet Man (1952) may have been the film dearest to Ford’s heart, a sort of fairy tale set in ‘20s Ireland and overflowing with the sights, colors, eccentric characters, and time-tested customs of the Emerald Isle.

Program Notes: The Wings of Eagles (1957)

The Wings of Eagles movie poster

The Wings of Eagles is one of Ford’s oddest movies, one featuring a near-great performance from John Wayne but jam-packed with ambivalence.

Program Notes: They Were Expendable (1945)

They Were Expendable movie poster

They Were Expendable is a movie about defeat. Or, rather, the glory that may be found in defeat. Based on a non-fiction book by William L. White, it’s a grim, sad yarn, but a strangely uplifting one.

Program Notes: Mogambo (1953)

Mogambo movie poster

Mogambo was a very big deal when it was released in 1953. This African adventure made $5.2 million and turned newcomer Grace Kelly into a major star.

Program Notes: How Green Was My Valley (1941)

How Green Was My Valley movie poster

If How Green Was My Valley isn’t John Ford’s finest film, it’s certainly the most honored. Nominated in 1941 for 10 Oscars, it won five - in a year when Citizen Kane was up for most of the same honors.