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Program Notes: David Copperfield (1935)

David Copperfield movie poster

David Copperfield has a well-known director, name screenwriters and it certainly has a cast to die for. But the individual most responsible for the success of the film was David O. Selznick.

Program Notes: A Tale of Two Cities (1935)

A Tale of Two Cities movie poster

The problem with Ronald Colman (1891-1958) was that he made acting look too easy. In 1935 he was cast as Sidney Carton, the hero of M-G-M’s A Tale of Two Cities. Colman’s performance is as impressive today as it was when first seen more than 70 years ago.

February Films at the Library

Bob Butler talks about the many film offerings at the Kansas City Public Library in the month of February!

Too Good to Pass Over: A Celebration of Black Oscar Winners

Fox 4 movie critic Shawn Edwards helps the Library celebrate Black History Month with the four-part film series Too Good to Pass Over: A Celebration of Black Oscar Winners on Saturdays in March.

Program Notes: Hannah and her Sisters (1986)

Hannah and Her Sisters movie poster

In Hannah and Her Sisters Woody Allen once again explores his familiar obsessions: fear of nothingness, the uncertainties of romantic love, urban neuroses. Yet it's also as close to an optimistic statement as he has ever made.