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Program Notes: Thunderheart (1992)

Thunderheart movie poster

Michael Apted's Thunderheart (1992) is about civil unrest and a murder on a South Dakota Indian reservation.

Program Notes: Resurrection (1980)

Resurrection movie poster

Resurrection (1980) is a great example of Woo Woo Cinema, offering a degree of psychological realism rarely seen in enterprises of this sort, and Ellen Burstyn's performance is arguably the greatest of her career.

Program Notes: Baby Boom (1987)

Baby Boom movie poster

Diane Keaton's greatest performance? I'd like to make the case that the role that most perfectly dovetails with her actorish sensibilities is that of J.C. Wiatt in 1987's Baby Boom.

Program Notes: Fool For Love (1985)

Fool For Love movie poster

Kansas City native Robert Altman's most publicized film from the ‘80s was Fool for Love (1985), based on Sam Shepard’s Pulitzer-nominated off-Broadway hit.

Program Notes: The Right Stuff (1983)

The Right Stuff movie poster

From the vantage point of 30 years, it is now possible to see Phil Kaufman’s The Right Stuff as one of the best films of the Eighties, a slice of Americana filled with the adventure of space exploration.