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From the Film Vault Blog

Program Notes: Scarface (1932)

Scarface movie poster

Throughout the 1930s and into the ‘40s Paul Muni was considered America’s premier dramatic actor. Scarface was his breakout role, highly theatrical and bigger than life. Audiences found it wildly entertaining.

Movies That Matter: Pinocchio (1940)

Pinocchio movie poster

Most of us saw Pinocchio when we were children. It was exciting, funny, tuneful, and a bit scary – great entertainment for the small fry. But have you seen it since becoming an adult? It’s a whole other thing.

Program Notes: Where Do We Go Now? (2011)

Where Do We Go Now? movie poster

Where Do We Go Now?, a charming, goofily funny fable with a keen sense of the absurd from Lebanese filmmaker Nadine Labaki, is a clever updating on the eternal battle of the sexes.

Program Notes: The Color of Paradise (1999)

The Color of Paradise movie poster

The Color of Paradise can reduce even the most jaded filmgoer to open-mouthed astonishment. Simultaneously a religious parable and a socially conscious drama, it's utterly realistic, achingly poetic – and unforgettable.

Movies That Matter: Breathless (1960)

Breathless movie poster

“There was before Breathless, and there was after Breathless,” one critic has observed. It's both “a pop artifact and a daring work of art” and is “still cool, still new, still – after all this time! – a bulletin from the future of movies.”

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