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Movie Quiz: Disney’s Leading Players

Disney Logo and the name "Walt Disney Picutres" are the sole property of Disney.

Match the lead character of these Disney animated films with the title of the picture they “starred” in. And try to identify the year each film was released.

Movie Quiz: Trash Talk


Movie sets can be back-stabbing battlegrounds. Here we have some savage put-downs of well-known motion picture personalities. Try to match the quote to the person who said it.

Movie Quiz: It's All About Me

Hollywood sign

The following famous names from film have all published their own life stories. All you have to do is match the author with the book. And if you can pinpoint the year of publication, you’re a better movie geek than I am.

Movie Quiz: Hollywood's Greatest Year

Hollywood's Greatest Year (Image courtesy TCM.com)

Nineteen hundred and thirty nine was, in the opinion of just about every film historian and critic, the best year for movies in Hollywood history.

Movie Quiz: The Duke Speaks

The Duke

John Wayne may have played more memorable characters and uttered more quoteworthy lines than any other actor in American film. For today’s quiz, match the movie title with the Duke’s character and a line of dialogue he spoke in that film. Pilgrim.

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