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Program Notes: Fly Away Home (1996)

Fly Away Home movie poster

Fly Away Home is one of those “children’s films” too good to be left to just the kids. Inspired by a true story, it's a ravishingly beautiful, often very funny, sensitive study about family and human/animal interaction.

Program Notes: Amelia (2009)

Amelia movie poster

Amelia is respectable and respectful, with a solid performance from two-time Oscar winner Hilary Swank in the title role. But it rarely soars and the big questions that dog the legend are glossed over here.

Program Notes: North Face (2008)

North Face movie poster

North Face is an outdoor adventure based on real-life events. By turns hauntingly beautiful and flat-out terrifying, it puts us in the middle of the action as few films do, and the struggle of two young men becomes our own.

Program Notes: Vertical Limit (2000)

Vertical Limit movie poster

Vertical Limit is a lot like an amusement park thrill ride. When it comes to the gut-twisting fear of dangling off a 1,000-foot precipice while a mile-wide avalanche of snow comes roaring at you down a Himalayan slope, it delivers.

Program Notes: The Aviator (2004)

The Aviator movie poster

Martin Scorsese’s three-hour epic The Aviator – about the middle years of airman-industrialist-moviemaker-mental case Howard Hughes – is so ambitious, so daringly executed, and so entertaining that it's hard to wrap one's head around it.

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