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Program Notes: Tom Jones (1963)

Tom Jones movie poster

Tom Jones, based on Henry Fielding’s picaresque comedy of 18th-century manners, is proof that a miserable, unhappy set can produce a movie that earns millions and wins Academy Awards.

New on DVD: Kill List (2011)

Kill List movie poster

Kill List is one of the most haunting, compelling, and (at moments) repellant movies to come down the pike in some time. One of its great strengths is that it keeps us guessing about just what kind of movie it is.

Program Notes: Kansas City Confidential (1952)

Kansas City Confidential movie poster

Kansas City Confidential is one of those minor B movie masterpieces, crammed with tough guys, a noirish aura of desperation and greed, and featuring a surprisingly complex script.

Program Notes: Hud (1963)

Hud movie poster

Viewed today, Martin Ritt’s Hud isn’t the electrifying experience that greeted audiences in 1963. Back when the social and cultural blinders of the Eisenhower years were still in place, it was an incendiary movie.

Program Notes: Mr. and Mrs. Bridge (1990)

Mr. & Mrs. Bridge movie poster

For years it was accepted that Evan S. Connell’s novels were unfilmable. But the unshowy approach of the 1990 film Mr. and Mrs. Bridge nicely approximates the experience of reading the book.