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Program Notes: Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)

Young Mr. Lincoln movie poster

Seventy five years after its creation, John Ford’s Young Mr. Lincoln still retains an astonishing ability to tap into our shared mythology. It has a wonderful quality that every work of art must have.

Actor Bob Hoskins: A Man for All Roles

Bob Hoskins

Bob Hoskins didn’t look like a movie star. He once said he had played lots of bad guys because “most horrible dictators are short, fat, middle-aged men.” But he had an incredible range not initially suggested by his fireplug body and bulldog features.

Program Notes: The Old Maid (1939)

The Old Maid movie poster

The acting duel you see on screen in The Old Maid isn’t all acting. It reflects the genuine animosity between its two stars, Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins. The story is pure, unadulterated melodrama.

Program Notes: Dark Victory (1939)

Dark Victory movie poster

Dark Victory is one of those old-fashioned weepies that sophisticated film goers hate to love. Ever since its release, it's left audiences torn between sobbing and resentment over the picture's emotional manipulation.

Program Notes: The Women (1939)

The Women movie poster

No good parts for women? Not in 1939. That was the year director George Cukor gave us The Women, an alternately satiric and heartstring-tugging comedy featuring an all-female cast.

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