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Program Notes: Great Expectations (1946)

Great Expectations movie poster

There’s a lot of good acting to be found in David Lean’s Great Expectations (1946), but if you remember nothing else about the movie you’ll remember Martita Hunt who is brilliant as Miss Havisham.

New on DVD: Take Shelter (2011)

Take Shelter movie poster

Take Shelter is the kind of movie that almost drives you nuts but which, if you stay with it, leaves you transformed through a process you really can’t quite figure out.

New on DVD: Contagion (2011)

Contagion movie poster

Contagion, from the master storyteller Steven Soderbergh, is about a killer flu pandemic that puts mankind on the ropes. It paints a grim but fully-detailed picture of how we’d react in such circumstances. It’s not pretty.

Program Notes: Match Point (2005)

Match Point movie poster

Woody Allen’s Match Point isn’t a comedy. Rather it's a Hitchcockian thriller about murder. Aside from its thriller elements, it's also a meditation about class, upward mobility, lust, and guilt.

Program Notes: David Copperfield (1935)

David Copperfield movie poster

David Copperfield has a well-known director, name screenwriters and it certainly has a cast to die for. But the individual most responsible for the success of the film was David O. Selznick.

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