Internet access by minors

The Library presents many educational and recreational opportunities for minors including access to the Internet. Just as Library staff select materials for children and young adults, they also select Web sites designed for these age groups.

The Internet provides access to a wide variety of viewpoints on topics of interest. As with other materials, parents may find that some Internet sites may not be appropriate for their children. The Library hopes that parents will take an active role in their children's learning and recreation by helping them select materials and Web sites that are appropriate to their age and interests.

Since all access to the Internet is through a library card, the following guidelines are used when minors apply for a library card.

Children 12 and Under:

Parents/guardians of children 12 years or under, when applying for a library card for their children, are required to select one of two types of cards for each child: Restricted Access or Guided Access.

Restricted Access makes accessible only children's software applications such as Creative Writer and software such as Microsoft Office; there is no Internet access. The online catalog, which requires the use of a Web browser, is not accessible, nor are online databases and Web-based services.

Guided Access gives children access to the Library's Youth Zone, including KidLinks, which highlights Web sites designed for children and selected by Library staff, as well as access to all the Library's electronic resources including the Internet. Library card applications must be signed by a parent/guardian.

Young Adults 13 and Over:

Young adults must present reasonable identification in order to apply for a library card; they are required to sign the application themselves. Through their library card, young adults age 13 and over have access to the full resources of the Library, including the Internet. They are expected to abide by all Acceptable Use policies

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