Alphabetical List of Special Collections

This guide provides an alphabetical list of Special Collections in the Missouri Valley Room. For lists of Special Collections by number, please see the Inventory of Photograph Special Collections (P) Numbers or the Inventory of Special Collections (SC) Numbers.

Special Collections in the Missouri Valley Room

1951 Flood Photograph Collection P15
Collection consists of 30 photographs of the 1951 flood taken in the Kansas City area.

Abstract Collections SC9 and SC9-1
Historical abstracts for properties in the Kansas City area.

ACT-UP/Kansas City Chapter Records SC82
The organizational records for ACT/UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power), Kansas City (Mo.) chapter covers the years 1987, a year before the group was formed, to 1995 when the group disbanded.

Advertising Card Collection SC3
In addition to over 2,000 nineteenth-century advertising cards, many from Kansas City companies, the collection includes 11 scrapbooks containing, in addition to advertising cards, calling cards, greeting cards, and other ephemera.

Akard, James J. Papers SC15-1
This Civil War related collection contains items associated with James J. Akard, captain of Company A, Eighth Missouri State Militia Cavalry during the Civil War.

Aleshi, Nikoles Virtuana Language Collection SC27
The Virtuana Language was invented by immigrant Nikoles Aleshi while living in Kansas City in the early twentieth century. This collection helps document his life and the phonetic language he felt should replace the English language in America.

Allen, James D. Journals SC50
Included in this collection are records for James D. Allen, an early Justice of the Peace in Johnson County, Kansas.

Annals of Platte County, Missouri (William Paxton) SC67
Information concerning Platte County and its citizens added by William Paxton to his own personal copy of his published Platte County history. His personal copy is found in this collection.

Autograph Book (Unidentified) SC35-4
This unidentified autograph book is one of a series of autograph collections in Missouri Valley Special Collections (SC 35). The focus of this book is Washington, D.C. and officials of the federal government in the mid-nineteenth century.

Betz, Carl Collection SC88
Carl Betz was a pioneer in promoting the teaching of physical education in the Kansas City Public School District in the late 1800s. This collection features primarily printed material as well as artifacts connected with Mr. Betz.

Black Archives of Mid-America Oral History Collection SC69-2
The Black Archives of Mid-America/Kansas City Public Library oral history project took place in the mid-1970s. A number of African Americans from the Kansas City area prominent in that time period were interviewed.

Boyd, Cyrus F. Diary SC15-3
Civil War diary probably written as a copy at some point after the Civil War by Cyrus Boyd, an Iowa infantry volunteer who fought in Tennessee, Mississippi, Louisiana, and other locations in the South.

Bridger, Jim Collection SC42
This collection contains a variety of material associated with Jim Bridger or his family. Most of the items are reprints and photocopies of originals.

Budworth, Claude L. West Bottoms Drawings SC60
Various charcoal and colored pencil sketches depict the West Bottoms area of Kansas City.

Busch, Carl Recognition Association Scrapbook SC78
Carl Busch, a noted musician, conductor and composer, had a well-known musical presence in Kansas City during the first half of the twentieth century. This scrapbook reflects the city's admiration for his musical contributions.

Bushnell, John A. Family Papers SC38
Much of the correspondence in this collection is between John A. Bushnell and Eugenia Bronaugh, whom he married. They were residents of Henry County, Missouri. There are also some Civil War era letters.

Campbell, John Compilation SC43
A small compilation of photocopied material concerns Major John Campbell and his connection with Westport.

Castle, Willis Memorial Photograph Collection P6
The photographs in this collection highlight city facilities and programs primarily during the mid-twentieth century.

Chase, George M. Diary SC31-2
This diary was written in 1860 by George M. Chase shortly after he arrived in Kansas City, Missouri. It provides an early description of the city.

Cockrell, Monroe F. Papers SC25-11
This collection pertains to banking issues in Kansas City during the 1920s-30s and includes the names of Midwest Reserve Trust Company, Kansas City Clearing House, and William T. Kemper and the Commerce Bank.

Connell, Evan Letters SC25-4
Collection contains two letters addressed locally to Lee [Reeder], dated January 30 and October 29, year unknown, from Evan Connell, the noted Kansas City novelist. Mr. Connell speaks of his literary work, impressions of places he had been, as well as mutual friends of the two.

Connett, William C., Jr. Papers SC37
These papers relate to the Solomon L. Leonard and William C. Connett families who lived in the northwest part of Missouri in the nineteenth century.

Corliss, Richard Photograph Collection P32
This photograph collection contains images of selected individuals known both locally and nationally by Richard Corliss, a local free-lance photographer. Also includes scenes of some local news events.

Crooker, Joseph Henry Autograph/Letter Collection SC35-1
The Joseph Henry Crooker Autograph/Letter Collection is one of a series of small autograph collections held by Missouri Valley Special Collections.

Curtiss-Wright Flying Service Photograph Collection P9
These aerial views of the Kansas City area were taken in the 1920s-1930s by the Curtiss-Wright Flying Service.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Elizabeth Benton Chapter (Kansas City, Mo.) Scrapbook SC30-8
A scrapbook of photographs, taken in the 1920s, depicts sites of historical interest in the Kansas City area.

Daughters of the American Revolution, Record of Battery “A”, 129th Field Artillery, A.E.F. Scrapbook SC90
Scrapbook compiled by the Kansas City Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution. The group had adopted Battery A, 129th Field Artillery, an artillery unit composed of men primarily from the Kansas City area.

Davison, E. J. Autograph Book SC35-5
The E. J. Davison autograph book is one of a series of autograph collections in the Missouri Valley Special Collections. It is a typical small autograph book of the late nineteenth century. The focus is on federal government officials and departments in Washington, D.C.

Dawson, Robert Earl Santa Fe Trail Collection SC53
Information collected and donated around the turn of the twentieth century about the Santa Fe Trail.

DeAngelo, Dory Papers SC92
Personal and research papers of local author and historian Dory DeAngelo.

Deatherage, Charles Book Manuscripts SC61
Charles Deatherage was a local businessman who had intentions of writing a three-volume history of Kansas City. Only his first volume was published. This collection contains the manuscripts for the second and third volumes.

Dixon and Jordan Family Papers SC15-9
Letters written during the Civil War between the Dixon and Jordan family members of Illinois. The soldiers were part of the 47th and 112th Regiments of Illinois Volunteers.

Dungan, Mrs. Thomas C. Autograph Book SC35-3
The Mrs. Thomas C. Dungan autograph book is one of a series of autograph collections found in Missouri Valley Special Collections. The names in this autograph book were collected during the 31st session of the General Assembly of Missouri in March 1881.

Edmiston, Fred Papers SC1-3
The Fred Edmiston papers provide an additional resource for the study of Joe Sanders, Carleton Coon, and their Nighthawks musical group who had early success on the radio in Kansas City.

Egner, John C. Fire Department Scrapbook SC30-06
The Kansas City Fire Department is featured in this scrapbook which has been named for John C. Egner, an early fire chief.

Eldridge, Dorothea Slide Collection P25
A collection of over 100 color slides taken in the 1950s-60s that capture a glimpse of Kansas City at that time.

Erdman, Loula Grace Book Manuscript SC49
The working manuscript for the fiction book The Short Summer written by Missouri-born author Loula Grace Erdman.

Field Notes Document SC25
Hand written, 8 page document of field notes about Kickapoo, Fox, Sac, and Iowa lands. These field notes were possibly written by Isaac McCoy in 1834.

Fitzpatrick, Thomas J. Papers SC93
Items in this collection include a scrapbook, newspaper clippings, correspondence, and diaries of Fitzpatrick, a professor of botany and mathematics, and an avid book collector.

Ford, Frank S. Photograph Collection P4
Frank Ford, a local photographer, took these photographs of landscapes as well as images of local happenings in the early part of the twentieth century.

Gambone, Philip A. Papers SC99
Philip Gambone assembled these working papers while doing research in preparation for writing a book on Kansas City architecture. The book was never completed and published.

Gold Star Mothers Legion Scrapbook SC68
This collection contains information and photographs primarily of local men who died during World War II.

Green, Henry D. Scrapbook P12
Scrapbook has photographs of primarily business buildings in Kansas City during the 1920s.

Greenwood, James M. Papers SC86-1
James M. Greenwood was Superintendent of the Kansas City School District in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century. He was much admired by the community and known nationally and internationally as an accomplished educator.

Greenwood, Josephine Woodbury Heermans Papers SC86-2
Josephine Greenwood, an early local educator, was principal of the Whittier School in the Kansas City School District for many years. She was married for a short while to school superintendent James Greenwood before his death in 1914. This collection contains her correspondence.

Gregory, Alfred Theater Program Scrapbooks SC66-1
The Alfred Gregory Scrapbooks contain theater programs and related items collected by Mr. Gregory. He was a member of various clubs, and their programs and dinner menus are also apart of the collection.

Guadalupe Center Collection SC20
The Guadalupe Center provided services and activities for Hispanic Americans, mostly Mexican, living in the West Side of Kansas City. The collection covers primarily early to mid-twentieth century and includes photographs.

Guitar, Odon Papers
See Leonard, Abiel and Odon Guitar Papers SC15-6

Hahn, Clyde Scrapbooks and Other Material SC1-4
Clyde Hahn and Harvey Rettberg were co-founders of the Coon-Sanders Original Nighthawks Club. This collection contains Mr. Hahn's scrapbook collection and related material about the Coon-Sanders musical group, other musicians of the same era, and the fan club.

Hargrave, Judge Elmo M. Photograph Collection P28
Photographs taken circa 1920s-1940s used to document accident sites in the city.

Hazlett, James A. Papers SC84
James A. Hazlett was superintendent of the Kansas City School District from 1955 to 1969. He was leading the school district when desegregation first became an issue.

Hispanic Oral History Collection SC69-1
These oral interviews with various members of the Kansas City Hispanic community were done in the 1970s-1980s. The project was under the direction of Irene Ruiz, a librarian with the Kansas City Public Library.

Hoggins, Olive L. Papers (Centenary History of the Churches) SC29
Mrs. Olive Hoggins gathered information about Kansas City area churches and synagogues during the 1920s and used this research in the publication of a column known as the "Centenary History of Kansas City Churches" which appeared in the Kansas City Post newspaper.

Holiday Postcard Collection SC13-2
Various holidays are represented in this small postcard collection.

Honig, Louis O. Scrapbooks SC30-14
These scrapbooks, primarily of newspaper clippings, were compiled by local author and businessman Louis O. Honig. They concentrate on the history of Westport, Kansas City, and Missouri.

Hughes Photograph Collection P7
Apparently taken by an amateur photographer around 1915, this small collection of black and white snapshots shows scenes of Kansas City.

Hunt, Ward Photograph Collection P33
Ward Hunt was a professional photographer who worked for The Kansas City Star for many years. This collection contains some of his photographs as well as those of family members.

Hyde, William Photograph Collection P5
William Hyde was a local nineteenth-century amateur photographer. His photographs provide a snapshot of everyday life in Kansas City at the time.

Ice Houses Photograph Collection P13
This collection contains views of various ice houses located mostly in Kansas City, Missouri, and Kansas City, Kansas.

Johnson, Charles L. Papers SC4
Charles Johnson was a local music composer known for his ragtime tunes. This collection contains items which reflect his personal and professional career.

Kansas City Art Commission Award Photographs (Kansas City Landmarks Commission) P34-2
The Kansas City Art Commission Award Photographs form one portion of the larger Kansas City Landmarks Commission Collection (P34 series). Award winning structures are featured in this portion.

Kansas City Bar Association Records SC101
The Kansas City Bar Association is a local organization for lawyers, organized in 1884. This collection of the group's records provides information primarily during the early years of 1898 to 1917. Included are minute books, photographs, speeches, banquet programs, and other memorabilia.

Kansas City Centennial Association Scrapbook SC51
The hundredth anniversary of the original incorporation (1850) of the Town of Kansas (Kansas City) was observed in 1950. This scrapbook contains information that chronicles that event.

Kansas City Convention Programs Collection SC64
A variety of programs for conventions held in Kansas City during the first half of the twentieth century.

Kansas City Guards Record Book SC100
The Kansas City Guards was a local, independent military organization active from 1876-circa 1880. Among the items in the collection is hat appears to be their initial record book, as well as minutes, membership lists, and newspaper clippings.

Kansas City Health Care Photograph Collection (Landmarks Commission) P34-1
The Kansas City Health Care photographs, a part of the Landmarks Commission Collection (P34), are of health care facilities and services maintained by the city of Kansas City during the 1940s and 1950s.

Kansas City/Local Area Fine Arts Programs Collection SC66
New programs are added as they become available to this open collection of fine arts programs from numerous sources in the metro Kansas City area.

Kansas City (Mo.) Aviation Department Photograph Collection P30
Images of major airports in this area owned and run by the city of Kansas City, Missouri, with a few aerial views of downtown.

Kansas City (Mo.) Bridge Quantity Record Books SC102
The four books are identified as quantity record books kept by the city of Kansas City and pertain to the construction of various bridges and/or viaducts in the area.

Kansas City (Mo.) City Hall Building Files SC87
This small amount of items relate to the City Hall building of Kansas City, Missouri. The collection came from the City Architect and appears to be primarily file folders with historical information on the building.

Kansas City (Mo.) School District Records SC23
Some early school records for the Kansas City School District as well as photographs, scrapbooks, board minutes, and a wide variety of material.

Kansas City (Mo.) School District, Department of Visual Instruction, Glass Slide Collection P21
The selected prints were made from glass slides prepared and used by the Kansas City School District for instruction purposes.

Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra Scrapbooks SC71
The Kansas City Philharmonic Orchestra scrapbooks detail the history of the city's orchestra from the Philharmonic's beginning in 1933 up to the 1965-66 season. The scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings and photographs about the activities of the group including the conductors, guest artists, etc.

Kansas City Posse of the Westerners Records SC2
The Kansas City Posse of the Westerners is a local organization interested in preserving the history and traditions of the American West. This collection contains their early organizational records.

Kansas City Regional Oral History Project SC69-3
The five oral histories in this collection were created as a pilot project which was to serve as the model for a larger Kansas City Regional History Project.

Kessler, George Collection SC32
Included in this collection are many landscape drawings made by landscape architect and planner George Kessler. They are mostly world-wide in scope, and not Kansas City specific.

Lakas, Reverend Robert R., S.J. Scrapbook SC30-12
The Robert R. Lakas scrapbook profiles Lakas, a Jesuit priest who taught at Rockhurst College during the 1950s-1970s.

Lauder, Frank Autochrome Collection P22
The Frank Lauder autochromes, the first viable color photograph process, consist of unique color images of homes, gardens, and landmarks in the Kansas City metropolitan area taken in the 1930s and early 1940s.

Leonard, Abiel and Odon Guitar Papers SC15-6
The papers, related to the Abiel Leonard family and to Leonard's son-in-law Odon Guitar, both noted Missourians during the nineteenth century, cover a large span of years.

Linton, Mary Handly Papers and Slide Collection SC26
Slides and personal papers from the estate of Mary E. Handly Linton, local poet and author.

Local Clubs Collection SC8-1
This collection consists of mostly printed material concerning various clubs in the Kansas City area.

Local Schools Collections SC8-2
Primarily published items from different types of non-public schools in the Kansas City area.

Local Sheet Music Collection SC59
Hundreds of pieces of sheet music, primarily from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century, include songs written about Kansas City as well as those published by local music publishers and written by local composers. Many are from St. Louis.

Local Zines, Mini-Comics, and Mail Art Collection SC96
An open collection of zines, mini-comics, and mail art created by local Kansas Citians.

Lykins Family Bible SC33-2
This appears to be the family Bible of David and Jemima Lykins, parents of Dr. Johnston Lykins, an early Kansas City figure.

MacLaughlin, Ada Greenwood Papers SC86-3
Ada MacLaughlin, a history teacher at Westport High School, was the daughter of James Greenwood, Superintendent of the Kansas City School District from 1874 to 1913.

McGee Family Bible SC33-1
This Bible belonged to Mrs. James H. McGee, a member of one of the prominent families of early Kansas City.

Miscellaneous Landmarks Commission Photographs P34-4
The photographs were produced by various Kansas City, Missouri city departments during the 1920s through the 1970s. This collection (34-4) is a part of the Landmarks Commission Collection (P34).

Missouri Valley Historical Society Records SC7
The records and files of the Missouri Valley Historical Society, in existence during most of the first half of the twentieth century, represent one of the more significant collections in the Missouri Valley Room. In addition to official records, the collection includes manuscripts, photographs, clippings, stereopticon cards, and other miscellaneous items.

Missouri Valley Special Collections Postcard Collection SC13-1
The postcards feature scenes of Kansas City, places in Missouri and Kansas, as well as a few other states and people.

Montgomery, Brookings Papers P3
Brookings Montgomery was a local photographer who maintained a business in Kansas City for many years during the twentieth century. His collection of thousands of photographs, purchased by the library, provided the major beginnings for the photograph holdings of Missouri Valley Special Collections.

Myers Family Papers SC15-4
The letters were written between members of the Myers family in the time period just before and during the Civil War. One of the letters, found in folder 9, gives a very gripping description of what it meant to be a soldier and in the military during this crucial time in American history.

Native American/Western Photograph Collection P23
This is an artificial collection of 148 photographic images consisting of glass plate negatives, cabinet cards, and assorted prints of: Native American peoples in Indian Territory, Oklahoma "Boomer" settlers and towns, western cowboys, and scenes from the 1890 massacre at Wounded Knee. The images date from the late-1880s through the early-1900s. The Indian tribes represented in the collection include the Ponca, Kiowa, Comanche, Osage, Pawnee, Apache, Cherokee, Sac and Fox, Otoe and Sioux.

Nelly Don Collection P31
The photographs feature images of employees of this local dress-making company and includes other items related to it.

Nichols, J.C. Collection SC48
Formerly housed in different areas of the Missouri Valley Special Collections, the contents were gathered together to form this artificial collection. It contains some of Mr. Nichols’ speeches, handwritten papers, newspaper clippings, etc.

Old Men’s Association Records SC98
The Old Men's Association was a social club for men who were age 60 and over and lived in the Kansas City area. They held monthly meetings, primarily in Kansas City, from 1893 to 1918 for a total of 25 years. The collection contains their minute/record books and published constitution.

Old Westport Shopping Center Survey Photographs P17
This collection contains photographs, including some of the Kansas City Orphan Boys Home, of the area where the Old Westport Shopping Center was eventually built.

Paller’s, Michael Jean Harlow and Wallace Beery Film Collection SC104
Michael A. Paller amassed this comprehensive collection of film, as well as supporting documentation, for two actors, Jean Harlow and Wallace Beery, who were natives of Kansas City.

Parker, Dr. J. W. Account Books SC46
The five account books of J. W. Parker, a physician practicing in Westport beginning in the 1850s, contain medical records, such as names of patients, daily medical activities, treatments and charges for his patients that included both the white settlers in the area as well as some Indians.

Peery Family Papers SC40
The Peery Family Papers consists primarily of correspondence written from the 1820s to the early 1900s. Included are letters from John Thompson Peery and his wife Mary Jane Chick Johnson Peery who were at one time affiliated with the Shawnee Indian Mission.

Peters, Edith Lowe Scrapbooks SC66-2
The Edith Lowe Peters Scrapbooks contain newspaper clippings and programs pertaining to local fine arts events. Some indexing to the contents is provided.

Photograph Scrapbook Collection #1 P8
The photographs contain some early images of Kansas City, primarily from the latter part of the nineteenth century and capture the essence of the city at that time.

Photograph Scrapbook Collection #3 P24
The scrapbook has photographs of various early scenes of Kansas City, Missouri.

Pioneer Park Committee Records SC12
Pioneer Park is located in the Westport area of Kansas City, Missouri. This collection contains records pertaining to the development of this historical memorial area.

Presidents and Past Presidents Club Scrapbook SC47
A scrapbook with signed vignettes and reminiscences concerning Kansas City history, as well as some photographs.

Priests of Pallas Collection SC44
The annual Priests of Pallas event was held in Kansas City during the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century and was similar to Mardi Gras or the Veiled Prophet celebration in St. Louis, Missouri. Items include memorabilia from the annual event such as official programs with posters of the floats, etc., 1887-90, 1892-1900; newspaper mountings, 1900-1910; badges; postcards; souvenirs; advertising booklet, etc.

Ray, Mrs. Sam Postcard Collection SC58
This large postcard collection of Mrs. Sam (Mildred) Ray contains not only postcards of the Kansas City area, but from all over the United States as well as international ones. Many of the area postcards were featured in her local newspaper column.

Relishing Our Roots Neighborhood Project Records SC83
The Relishing Our Roots Neighborhood Project was funded through the KC150 Legacy Fund that was associated with the Sesquicentennial celebration for Kansas City. Neighborhoods covered include: Roanoke, Coleman Highlands, and Roanoke Ridge/Woodbridge Apartment Complex.

Republican National Convention (1976) Collection SC103
This artificial collection contains various items pertaining to the 1976 Republican National Convention held in Kansas City, Missouri, at Kemper Arena. Items range from newspaper clippings to campaign buttons and souvenirs.

Rettberg, Harvey Papers SC1-2
The Harvey Rettberg papers are an additional source of research and information on Joe Sanders, Carleton Coon, and their Nighthawks musical group as well as the later jazz music scene.

Robinson Family Papers SC36
A variety of handwritten items, ranging in date from 1820 to 1893, mostly relate to counties in Missouri. Some letters were written during the Civil War.

Rogers, Jason Papers SC89
These files of Jason Rogers pertain to the time he was an advisor and General Manager of the Kansas City Journal Post during the mid to late 1920s. The collection gives insight into the local newspaper world of that time period.

Rule, Henry R. Autograph Collection SC35-2
This is the largest in a series of autograph collections found in Missouri Valley Special Collections. It includes a variety of material types, and its focus is primarily on American figures including those involved in politics, literary arts, military, judicial, etc. It appears to be an artificial collection with the bulk collected by Mr. Rule in the latter half of the nineteenth century and early twentieth century.

Sanders, Joe Collection SC1
Joe Sanders and Carleton Coon co-founded the Coon-Sanders Nighthawks orchestra, gaining their fame during the decade of the 1920s. Joe Sanders accumulated a variety of material over his musical career, which his widow donated to the library.

Sender Theater Scrapbooks SC66-3
These scrapbooks contain theater related items covering the years 1903-1917.

Siegrist Engraving Company Etching Collection SC57
Thirty-five etchings of notable Kansas City historical landmarks include buildings, residences, and riverfront scenes. These were promotional materials published and distributed by the Siegrist Engraving Company.

South Central Business Association Records SC39, P14
The South Central Business Association was a local business organization located in the area of 31st and Troost, and one of the first strong business sections apart from downtown. Their records cover the business concerns of that area of town from 1919 to 1969.

Spalding, James F. Papers SC54
James F. Spalding, an early Kansas City citizen, founded Spalding Commercial College.

Stevenson, Charles S. Papers SC85
The working papers of Charles S. Stevenson are associated with the writing of his newspaper articles about Kansas City mayors. They appeared in the Kansas City Star and Kansas City Times in the mid-1970s.

The Miracle Scrapbook SC30-9
The stage production of The Miracle drew large audiences to Convention Hall for the performances in 1926. This scrapbook features items about the performance.

Thomes, Helen Seibert Scrapbooks SC65
Helen Seibert Thomes was a local dance instructor for many years during the early to mid-twentieth century. Her life, as well as photographs of her students, is represented in this collection.

Transportation Photograph Scrapbook P26
Although the images taken in the 1910s focus on railroads, other forms of transportation as well as rural and urban life are evident.

Truex, Luzanne Compilation SC25-14
Four folders contain mainly photocopied items that pertain to the dancing career of Lizanne Truex. There are also a couple of actual programs, publicity photographs from "Oklahoma," and photocopied newspaper clippings, pictures, theater programs, etc., all relating to shows in which Ms. Truex appeared.

Van Brunt, Henry Travel Diary SC31-1
One of architect Henry Van Brunt’s diaries that he kept while traveling in Europe in the early 1900s.

Van Horn, Robert T. Compilation SC41
Photocopied secondary source material, which appeared in the newspaper, books, magazines, etc., relates to Robert T. Van Horn, an early Kansas City newspaperman and political figure.

Vertical Files Special Collections SC63
The vertical file folder contents, material of an older nature, were pulled from the department's regular vertical files and placed in a special collection for the sake of preservation.

Westminster Congregational Church Records SC56
The Westminster Congregational Church Records collection contains a variety of records pertaining to the life of the church while it was located at 36th and Walnut in Kansas City, Missouri.

White, John Barber Papers SC95
John Barber White was a local prominent lumberman well known in the historical community. He served as president of the Missouri Valley Historical Society and also amassed an extensive personal genealogy collection containing books and manuscripts which also came to the library with his papers.

White, John Barber Scrapbook SC30-2
This scrapbook contains newspaper clippings of photos, illustrations, and information on John Barber White, a lumber magnate and environmental conservationist of early twentieth-century Kansas City.

Wild West Photograph Collection P2
Primarily relating to Western lore during the late nineteenth and parts of the twentieth centuries, the images include cowboys and cowgirls, entertainment figures, venues as rodeos and Wild West shows, Indians, lawmen, outlaws and their gangs, as well as criminals including those involved in the Union Station Massacre.

Williams, Mrs. J. O. Collection SC15-8
The six items of this collection mostly relate to local Civil War guerrilla fighters. Three items pertain to Richard Yeager who was a captain under William C. Quantrill.

Woodcut Society (Kansas City, Mo.) Collection SC45
In the 1930s-1940s, the Woodcut Society commissioned yearly two special edition woodcut prints. The 18 in this collection are believed to be a majority of them. Other material consists of assorted pamphlets, flyers, brochures, along with information about each artist.

Youth Symphony of Kansas City Records SC70
The early records for the Youth Symphony of Kansas City are included in this collection. This orchestra for young local musicians began in 1958.

Zeldin Collection of Journal-Post Glass Negatives P29
This collection captures scenes pertaining to Kansas City in the 1920s-1930s, views made for use by the Journal-Post, a local newspaper. Celebrity shots are numerous and were taken when these people visited the city.

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