The Country Club Dairy and Rockhurst High School

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In 1954-55, when I was a freshman at Rockhurst High School, the students often walked home by way of the Country Club Dairy at 56th & Troost. The inside of the dairy faced west and was bright from the outside sun shining on the glassed front. It was a great place to sit at the counter and talk. I ordered a chocolate malt every time I stopped there. I had to keep this a secret because I didn’t want to be accused of spoiling my dinner.

Late one afternoon, a fellow student who happened to be black (Negro in those days) was refused service there. I remember being angry at the time, maybe because our principal suggested we avoid the dairy until he had time to “look into it.”

After a discussion he had with the dairy management, no one was refused service. The result was one of the earliest examples of integration in Kansas City. Money talked even then.

Kevin Gratton
April 1, 2008

Note: Rockhurst High was then situated on the campus of Rockhurst College. It moved far south on State Line sometime later.

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