Inventory of Photograph Special Collections (P) Numbers

This page provides an inventory of photograph special collections (P) numbers in the Missouri Valley Room. When available, collections are linked to its finding aid - a summary of its contents.

P1 - Regular Photograph Collection (Primarily Montgomery)

P2 Wild West Photograph Collection (Part of Montgomery Collection)

P3 Brookings Montgomery Papers

P4 Frank S. Ford Photograph Collection

P5 William Hyde Photograph Collection

P6 Willis Castle Memorial Photograph Collection

P7 Hughes Photograph Collection

P8 Photograph Scrapbook Collection #1

P9 Curtiss-Wright Flying Service Photograph Collection

P10 Cutter Family Photographs (not scanned)

P11 Chesebro Family Photographs (not scanned)

P12 Henry D. Green Scrapbook

P13 Ice Houses Photograph Collection

P14 South Central Business Association Records (Associated with SC 39)
Most photos attached (not panoramic size)

P15 1951 Flood Photograph Collection

P16 Quastler Collection (not scanned)

P17 Old Westport Shopping Center Survey Photographs

P18 MVSC Slide Collection

P19 Early Photographs of Kansas City, Missouri, 1868-1877

P20 Elbert Landfried Photograph Collection

P21 Kansas City School District, Department of Visual Instruction Glass Slides

P22 Frank Lauder Autochrome Collection

P23 Native American/Western Photograph Collection

P24 Photograph Scrapbook #3 - Historic Kansas City

P25 Dorothea Eldridge Slide Collection

P26 Photograph Scrapbook Collection #4

P27 Liberty Memorial Design Proposals Collection

P28 Judge Elmo M. Hargrave Collection

P29 Zeldin Collection of Journal-Post Glass Negatives

P30 Kansas City (Mo.) Aviation Department Photograph Collection

P31 Nelly Don Collection

P32 Richard W. Corliss Photograph Collection

P33 Ward Hunt Collection

P34 “ Kansas City Landmarks Commission Collection

P35 Robert Askren Photograph Collection (Harkins Commercial Photography)

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