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Follow us into the archives as we visit regional libraries, historical societies, and other cultural institutions and work to digitize thousands of their Civil War-era primary sources for the Missouri-Kansas Conflict project. Learn more about our collective past as we uncover the stories of those who experienced it firsthand.

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New Website: Civil War on the Western Border

Civil War on the Western Border

The Kansas City area has a rich Civil War history. And now there’s a new way to discover and research the legacy of the Kansas-Missouri Border War.

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Quantrill in the Movies

Walter Pidgeon in Dark Command

Relatively few Kansans have gone on to be immortalized in the movies, but William Clarke Quantrill, the Confederate guerrilla leader infamous for the August, 1863, sack of Lawrence, Kansas, has been depicted on screen numerous times.

Civil War

Kansas Gets Its Governor

Charles Robinson

One hundred and two years ago, on Saturday February 9, 1861, the fervent abolitionist Charles Robinson was sworn into office as Kansas' first state governor.

Civil War

Civil War Christmases (in Missouri and Kansas)

Santa Claus with Soldiers. Courtesy of Harper’s Weekly magazine.

As lighted decorations appear in every corner this holiday season, we may do well to remember that not so long ago Missouri and Kansas looked remarkably different, and Christmas provided an annual ray of hope for a nation torn apart during the Civil War.

Civil War

Civil War Letters Reveal the Aftermath of Quantrill’s Raid

William Clarke Quantrill

A massive, collaborative digitization project underway at the Kansas City Public Library has brought together a unique collection of documents from 25 institutions scattered across Kansas and Missouri.

Kansas City Public Library Beta