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To Dream or Not to Dream: There's Really No Question

Ira’s Shakespeare Dream by Glenda Armand and illustrated by Floyd Cooper

Should skin color determine what you can do? That was definitely common thinking in early 1800s America. If somebody who wasn’t white wanted to be Hamlet or King Lear or Benedict, he was out of luck. That’s what everybody told Ira Aldridge when he let them know his dream of becoming a great Shakespearean actor. They said, “Ira you’re crazy!”

No words? No problem!

Float by Daniel Miyares

Talk. Sing. Read. Write. Play. These words aren’t just on the walls of our libraries because they look cool in bubble letters. The American Library Association’s Every Child Ready to Read initiative came up with these benchmarks based on feedback from previous research they had done. When caregivers talk, sing, read, write, and play with their little ones, they are preparing them to be future readers.

Go Girl! Essential sports reading for girls and their families.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close and the Spring sports season ramps up on the court and field, I thought it might be fun to find books, fiction and nonfiction alike, that tell the stories of women and girls in athletics. From the true story of 1940’s Rollerderby rough-housers featured in Sue Macy’s Rollerderby Rivals to the critically acclaimed graphic novel Rollergirl tracking one young girl’s tumultuous introduction into contact skating at summer camp, these stories are bound to inspire and inform.


Star Wars, We Have

Star Wars Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars fever is menacing. It is easy to catch and challenging to shake. Then again, maybe it doesn’t need to be thrown off. Perhaps the desire to be one with the force is justifiable. Appease your appetite with library materials.

Valentine's Day: When did it all begin?

Every year on February 14, millions of people across the world present their loved ones with flowers, chocolates, and many other lovely gifts.

Valentine’s Day has taken place for over a thousand years and is named after Saint Valentine.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are uncertain, legends credit Saint Valentine for holding secret marriage ceremonies for Roman soldiers in opposition to Emperor Claudius II, who believed marriage made soldiers weaker. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius I proclaimed February 14 to be the feast day in honor of Saint Valentine.

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