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Keyword: Kids Blog

Video: Storytelling for Kids in the Film Vault

Jamie Mayo

The Kansas City Public Library is full of stories – narratives that walk, talk, laugh, and sometimes even fly. At least they do in the hands of a talented storyteller like our Central Youth Services Supervisor, Jamie Mayo. We recently made a video of Mayo regaling a group of visiting kids at the Central Library.

Storytelling Comes to Life in Kansas City

Olga Loya

Storytelling has served a number of functions throughout history. Before the written word, it preserved the people’s history. Today, it helps people find the common connections across boundaries and is a wonderful tool for educating and enlightening minds of all ages. And a story, in the hands of a great storyteller, brings magic to the listener and teller alike.

Book Buddies Beat the Summer Slide

Book Buddies at Central

Getting kids energized about reading in the summertime demands creativity. During the months when a cool, dark bedroom and the flickering screen of a PSP beckons sweetly, it’s hard enough getting kids to pick up a book, much less come to the Library. Here's how a few crafty children's librarians got kids enjoying activities centered on reading.