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Keyword: Kids Blog

Buffalo Soldier Visits Westport Library

Brother John Anderson dressed as a Buffalo Soldier

Through music and storytelling, Brother John Anderson taught children at the WP Library all about the life and times of the legendary Buffalo Soldiers of the Civil War. Sukalaya Kenworthy captured a portion of his program on video.

Can Wiggle-Worms Be Book-Worms?

Dream Something Big book cover

By Anna Francesca Garcia

Some kids are wiggle-worms. Sitting still just isn’t comfortable for them. They seem to bounce off of the walls! When working with kids like this, what’s a grown-up to do? Putting a book in their hands seems like the least reasonable choice.

Bring on the Bee

National Spelling Bee Logo

By Mary Thompson
This year the Kansas City Public Library has started on a new adventure. After several decades of coordinating the Jackson County Spelling Bee, the Independence Examiner newspaper has passed the torch on to us, and I couldn’t be more excited.

Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year

It's the year of the dragon. Chinese New Year or "Spring Festival" falls on January 23 this year. Here’s a list of books to help you celebrate one of the most exciting days of the year for children in many countries around the world.

The Wikkeling by Steven Arntson

Reviewed by Ron Freeman

I recently read a wonderful, creepy, children’s book. It is called The Wikkeling by Steven Arntson.