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Keyword: Kids Blog

Pumpkin Time!

Does chilly weather make you want to sip hot apple cider with cinnamon in it? You aren’t alone. Fall brings with it delicious comfort foods—including pumpkins. Halloween is over, but Jack-o-lanterns are just one way to celebrate with pumpkins. Thanksgiving feasts traditionally feature pumpkin pies for desserts.

The Sweet, Salty, Crunchy, Chewy Journey of Food!

All through this HOT summer, we’ve been talking about the cool things happening in our gardens: the plants we’ve grown (or tried to grow!), the creepy crawly pests that have invaded our plots, the tasty treats we can make from the produce of our hard work. We’ve learned a lot about growing our own food, but what about the rest of the things that we eat?

Back to School

Many (if not most) children will be headed back to school in the next couple of weeks. To help kick off the school season, check out these light-hearted books that will entertain even the most reluctant reader.

How Do Dinosaurs Go to School?
By Jane Yolen


It’s been a long, hot summer already and we’re still weeks away from fall! My garden is definitely showing the strain even though I have been watering almost every day to make up for the many weeks without rain. One of the ways that I’ve been distracting myself from the sad state of my garden is testing out some new recipes in the kitchen. I have come across some great kid friendly cookbooks here at the Plaza Kid Corner that I would love to share with you!

Hello, Mr. Froggy!

A Froggy book display at Westport Branch created by Andrea Allen

Frogs love rain, and making funny sound. The first time I encountered a frog in a very “close-up” and personal way was when I was a kid in Thailand. It was a water festival, which falls on the hottest month of April. Kids splashed water at each other to celebrate the holiday. Instead of water, a naughty neighbor boy teased me by throwing a little frog at me. Ugh! I screamed and ran away. That was quite a memorable experience.