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Keyword: Kids Blog

The World of Women Inventors

What would the world be like without chocolate chip cookies, high-quality shampoo that helps grow your hair, and windshield wipers? We would lack yummy snacks to dip in milk. Our hair would be thin and dull. Most importantly, we would be unsafe driving in the snow or rain!

Bobblemas Visits Central Youth Services

Bobblemas from the KC Rep visits Kansas City Public Library Central Youth Services.

Warm-Up This Fall

Pumpkin Ribbon

Summer has definitely gone on siesta. Winter hasn’t yet hinted it's near by dropping the temperature below freezing. Autumn, though, now blusters full-blast.

There are all kinds of ways that people bring warmth into their ever-cooling lives. A few are:

Missouri Building Block Picture Book Award

Count the Monkeys

If you’re looking for a book to read aloud to your child, the Missouri Building Block Award is a good place to start. The Building Block Award is a chance for the children of Missouri (and neighboring states) to select the best read-aloud book of the year from a set of 10 nominees.

Below are the 2014 Missouri Building Block Award Nominees:

Up, Up, and Away 2: More Super Books for Super Kids

Hello again to all the young and old superhero lovers alike! With the continuous rise and success of the superhero genre, it's only right that children's books take on the mantel of being youth's first introduction to the hero way. Now, the hero way can be described or taught in many ways, so thank goodness for these superhero books and their often
surprisingly fresh take on what it means to not just be a superhero, but a super person.

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