Go Girl! Essential sports reading for girls and their families.

As Women’s History Month comes to a close and the Spring sports season ramps up on the court and field, I thought it might be fun to find books, fiction and nonfiction alike, that tell the stories of women and girls in athletics. From the true story of 1940’s Rollerderby rough-housers featured in Sue Macy’s Rollerderby Rivals to the critically acclaimed graphic novel Rollergirl tracking one young girl’s tumultuous introduction into contact skating at summer camp, these stories are bound to inspire and inform.


Star Wars, We Have

Star Wars Jedi Academy by Jeffrey Brown

Star Wars fever is menacing. It is easy to catch and challenging to shake. Then again, maybe it doesn’t need to be thrown off. Perhaps the desire to be one with the force is justifiable. Appease your appetite with library materials.

Valentine's Day: When did it all begin?

Every year on February 14, millions of people across the world present their loved ones with flowers, chocolates, and many other lovely gifts.

Valentine’s Day has taken place for over a thousand years and is named after Saint Valentine.

The origins of Valentine’s Day are uncertain, legends credit Saint Valentine for holding secret marriage ceremonies for Roman soldiers in opposition to Emperor Claudius II, who believed marriage made soldiers weaker. In 496 AD, Pope Gelasius I proclaimed February 14 to be the feast day in honor of Saint Valentine.

KC Kids Create Discovery Clubs

Thanks to a grant from The Shumaker Family Foundation and the PNC Foundation, the Kansas City Public Library will be offering a new discovery club called KC Kids Create. They will be hosted at four locations: Bluford, Central, Plaza, and Trails West.

New York Times Best Illustrated Children's Books of 2015

For the past 64 years, the New York Times has released a year-end list of the best illustrated children’s books. These are storybooks, graphic novels and non-fiction titles that feature illustrations that are beautiful and strange, off the wall and mind-bending, incredibly ornate and sometimes just plain simple. Most importantly, these books are always totally cool! The selections are made solely on artistic merit, but that doesn’t mean the stories aren’t just as excellent.

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