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Women Pioneers: Females Who Forged the Way for Future Generations: Part One

Girls, we have a legacy. A century ago, women in the United States of America marched at the White House in Washington D.C. to demand the right to vote.1 This month, we recognize their actions and those of other women who have made our lives better. March is Women’s History Month. However, these books about female trailblazers are available all year long at the Kansas City Public Library.
The books listed below are for elementary-school-aged readers. They all include authors’ notes in the back for those who are curious to learn more.

Blue Note Books

How do you put on a page the sharp, sweet tang of a jazz tune? Sure, someone could stick musical notes on a ledger sheet. There is another way to absorb the mood of a jazz riff, though. These books use bright colors, stylized illustrations, font changes, rhythmic text, and onomatopoeia (said sounds) to make you feel like your home is a club and your story time is a jam session.

Arranged for listeners/ readers from younger to older:

I don’t feeeeeeel well!

When the leaves fall from the trees and the weather turns chilly, it’s not just time to pull out your coats and mittens. It’s cold and flu season, too. Coughing! Sneezing! Sore throat! Stuffy head! Fever! Oh, no, you’re SICK! The best way that I can think of to battle winter yuckiness is to snuggle in bed with a box of tissues, a nice warm cup of chicken soup, and a great book. I found some fact books about what happens in your body when you have a cold or the flu and some story books that are sure to make you giggle to help you forget how rotten you feel.

But, baby, it's cold outside!

I know it doesn’t really seem like it since the weather has stayed so warm and sunny, but it’s now December! Winter is just around the corner! We humans turn on our heat, put extra blankets on our beds, and trade our short and sandals for coats and boots, but what do our animal friends do when the weather starts to turn cold? Find out in the great books I tracked down at the Library!

You Can Be America’s Next Top Model

When you think of the word “model” does someone in the latest fashions strutting down a catwalk come to mind? True, that person is a model. You can be a model, too, and you don’t need a particular figure to do so. Another meaning for model, according to Macmillan Fully Illustrated Dictionary for Children (2007) is “a thing or person that serves as a good example; something to be copied.”

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