It's Time to Start Gardening!

Each month through the summer, we can go a little bit food and gardening crazy on the Keyword: Kids blog. I’ll share cool food-related books, give tasty recipes and updates from my backyard garden; and let you in on great events around the metro that young foodies will love!

Felting at the Library

Wool Roving

Have you ever been guilty of shrinking a sweater in the wash? Maybe you've pulled a sweater out of the laundry only to discover that it has shrunken about five, six or even seven sizes too small. Not to worry, you’ve discovered felting!

Hop Into Reading With Some Great Bunny Books

by Amy Morris

With spring and the Easter Bunny season upon us, here is a list of books about rabbits that are sure to hop off your childrens’ bookshelves time and time again:

The Magic of Reading

By Kristan Whipple

Books have always played an important part in my life. At a very early age, I learned that another world existed within the pages and I would immerse myself in as many books as I could find. By the age of ten, I had already solved countless cases with the Hardy Boys, lived my life as a pioneer with the Ingalls family, and found a key that led to a locked garden.

Buffalo Soldier Visits Westport Library

Brother John Anderson dressed as a Buffalo Soldier

Through music and storytelling, Brother John Anderson taught children at the WP Library all about the life and times of the legendary Buffalo Soldiers of the Civil War. Sukalaya Kenworthy captured a portion of his program on video.