Big Read Corporate Edition

Big Read Corporate Edition

The Library Offers Workplace Outreach Resources

The Big Read—Corporate Edition is a Kansas City Public Library outreach program that enables businesses and organizations to “check out a librarian” for an onsite book discussion group among fellow employees.

Sessions generally last about an hour, and are held at your workplace at a time convenient to you. The Big Read—Corporate Edition brings together employees at all levels for a short discussion that puts aside the latest business project and fosters personal interaction on a work of literature. Given that True Grit is going to be the talk of the town this fall, what better time to engage in the spirit that drives our region?

Joining The Big Read—Corporate Edition is easy. Each participating organization selects a point person who is responsible for recruiting 8-12 fellow employees who want to read True Grit. The point person also schedules a time for the book discussion to take place between early September and the end of October. Participating employees must read the book and be prepared to talk about it at the discussion session.

Your librarian will come with a variety of discussion topics intended to foster a lively conversation. He or she also will provide biographical information on the elusive Charles Portis and some background about True Grit. Participants should come prepared to discuss general themes raised by the novel, as well as favorite scenes and passages. It’s also likely the conversation will consider the differences and similarities among the novel and two film adaptations, as well as Portis’ reluctance to comment on any of these modern masterpieces.

To learn more about The Big Read—Corporate Edition, or to schedule a session with a librarian, contact Kaite Stover, Director of Readers’ Services at the Kansas City Public Library: 816.701.3683 or