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Home Bound Books by Mail

Home Bound Books by Mail (HBB) is a free mail service that delivers library items to individuals unable to visit the library due to health-related issues. In order to participate in HBB, you must apply and secure certification from your healthcare provider that you are homebound. Applications are available at your local Kansas City Public Library branch. You may also request an application to be mailed or faxed. If you have any questions or need assistance with the application process, contact us at 816-701-3490 or e-mail SeniorServices@kclibrary.org.

Large Print Book Collections

Outreach provides special book collections to senior residential and recreational sites. A collection of 30 to 90 large print library books are available to facilities located in the Kansas City Public Library service district. Material delivery schedules will be determined by the agency and the library. For more information about Large Print Book Collections, call 816-701-3490 or e-mail SeniorServices@kclibrary.org.

Books to Give

Books to Give is a program of the Kansas City Public Library that supports the “books in the home” or “book ownership” concept that increase positive attitudes towards reading and ultimately encourages children to become lifelong readers. The Library distributes Books to Give books to children and teens at community outreach fairs, school events, and local social service agencies. If you would like to request a Books to Give collection for your youth-serving agency, contact us at 816-701-3580 or e-mail outreach@kclibrary.org.

Books to Go

All preschool, home child care, and kindergarten sites within the Library district are eligible for free monthly deliveries of age-appropriate, multicultural library materials. The program is geared to children birth through kindergarten age. For more information contact the Books to Go team at 816.701.3667 or books_to_go@kclibrary.org.

Generation Exchange

Generation Exchange is an intergenerational storytelling (oral history) project designed to increase social interaction between youth and older adults. Generation Exchange also offers the opportunity to preserve and carry on local history to future generations. Through Generation Exchange, every older adult in the greater Kansas City region will have the opportunity to tell their story. The goal of this project is to create a collection of stories that document memories and experiences related to neighborhood life, historical events, and cultural experiences that shaped the lives of previous generations. Generation Exchange is a Greater Kansas City collaborative initiative. For a complete line up of participants visit generationexchange.mymcpl.org. Free and open to the public. For more information, or to check out a Generation Exchange kit, contact the Kansas City Public Library Outreach Department at 816-701-3580 or by email at outreach@kclibrary.org.

Early Literacy Workshops

Working on and developing, at an early age, the skills necessary to learn to read has a long-term impact on a child’s academic and reading success. To help facilitate this success, the Early Literacy Program offers workshops for parents, caregivers, and educators, in the Kansas City Public Library district, on building early literacy skills of children birth to age five. Trained staff present early literacy workshops focused on enhancing early learning including modeling best practices to encourage the five early literacy practices of Sing, Talk, Read, Play, and Write. For more information contact the Early Literacy Manager at 816-701-3585.

Early Literacy Centers

A space for play and learning, the Kansas City Public Library’s Early Literacy Centers provide young children and their caregivers an opportunity to explore interactive activities designed to build and foster the early literacy skills needed for reading success. For more information contact the Early Literacy Manager at 816-701-3585.