Chapter 32

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Gregg Todt: Producer, KQRC 98.9 FM The Rock

If Gregg’s voice sounds familiar then someone is an early bird. Gregg has been the producer of the Johnny Dare Morning Show on 98.9 The Rock for over 15 years and is a frequent on-air personality. He is also one of Kansas City’s most popular local musicians as lead vocalist and guitarist for Federation of Horsepower and drummer for Hossferatu and The Great Vehicle. He writes many of the witty ditties heard on the Johnny Dare show and contributed the title track to the gold-selling album, Lord I Apologize by Larry the Cable Guy. Gregg is the proud dad of Ian, also a budding musician.

SYNOPSIS: Tom and Becky are rescued thanks almost entirely to Tom’s tenacity, plus a little bit of luck. After he recuperates from the ordeal, Tom learns from Judge Thatcher that the entrance to McDougal’s Cave has been sealed – and only Tom realizes whose fate has been unintentionally sealed therein.