It's Never Too Late to Write That First Novel, Just Ask Rev. Cy Robinson

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May 17, 2012
Contact: Robert Butler
It's Never Too Late to Write That First Novel, Just Ask Rev. Cy Robinson

At the age of 75 retired pastor Cy Robinson began writing his first novel. Not just a novel, but the first volume in a trilogy.

He discusses the two years he devoted to writing The Half Chance and his efforts to get it published on Thursday May 31, 2012, at 6:30 p.m. at the I.H. Ruiz Branch of the Kansas City Public Library, 2017 W. Pennway.

The protagonist of The Half Chance is Mark, a man with no family, no friends, and not much of a future.

"If I had even half a chance I could make it," he believes ... and then that half chance presents itself to this angry and distrustful individual.

The Half Chance is about a dead-end life blossoming into one of hope and promise through faith, love, and acceptance.

Robinson is himself a late bloomer. He spent most of his life in California where he held a variety of jobs. At various times he was a photographer, a real estate agent, and an apricot farmer. He also worked for organizations serving prison inmates and recent parolees.

In his late 50s Robinson decided to complete his college degree. He was awarded a bachelor's degree from Bethany Bible College in 1992 - just two weeks before his 61st birthday. He went on to serve in a variety of churches and founded his own nondenominational congregation. He has been a resident of the Kansas City area since 2003.

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