Library Purchase Recommendations: Recently Ordered or Declined Materials

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These items were recommended for purchase by the Library in the past two months, but have been declined for various reasons. Please see each item's Status for more information on why it was declined.

Someday world
Author(s): Eno & Hyde
Format: Music CD
Publication Date: 2014
Request Date: July 4, 2014
Status: Duplicate - Ordered
The Magic of Gnomes and Leprechauns
Author(s): Christopher Valentine and Dr. Christian von Lähr
Format: Book
Publication Date: 2008
Request Date: July 2, 2014
Status: Not Available
Six of One
Author(s): Rita Mae Brown
Format: Large print book
Request Date: July 1, 2014
Status: Not Available
Spygate the Untold Story
Author(s): Bryan O'Leary
Format: Book
Publication Date: 2012
Request Date: June 29, 2014
Status: Not Available