KKFI’s Big Read on the Air


In partnership with the Kansas City Public Library, KKFI presents The Big Read on the Air on weekdays from April 5 - April 23 at 11:30 a.m. Every 30-minute installment of this serial reading of Housekeeping will feature a different reader, including some of Kansas City’s most notable public officials, community leaders, and media personalities.

The first installment of The Big Read on the Air features former Mayor Kay Barnes, with subsequent readers including National Council on the Arts member Joan Israelite, Missouri Sen. Jolie Justus, and Sprint Center GM Brenda Tinnen.

Whether at home, at work, or in the car, KKFI's Big Read on the Air brings literature to you every weekday with insightful readings that can offer either a compelling introduction to the novel or another perspective on its events and significance.

The complete list of readers and corresponding dates is as follows:

Monday, April 5

Kay Barnes

Tuesday, April 6

Jane Chu

Wednesday, April 7

Donna Pitman

Thursday, April 8

Miriam Pepper

Friday, April 9

Laura Lorson

Monday, April 12

Sen. Jolie Justus

Tuesday, April 13

Nancy Cervetti

Wednesday, April 14

Heidi Van

Thursday, April 15

Brenda Tinnen

Friday, April 16

Joan Israelite

Monday, April 19

Mary Sanchez

Tuesday, April 20

Gwen Grant

Wednesday, April 21

Dianne Cleaver

Thursday, April 22

Billie Howard Barnes

Friday, April 23

Angela Elam