Reference services

Reference: 816-701-3433


Live Chat Reference

Live chat with a librarian is an online reference service for questions that require short, factual answers and can be found in online resources. The service also answers questions about the Library and about the Library’s collections and databases. You will receive answers from the staff of the Central Reference Department. During the chat session staff may send web pages to you that will appear on your computer screen, or provide citations to resources. AskNow! is available Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm.

Email Reference

We answer email reference questions, too. We'll answer email questions that require short, factual answers. Send an email reference question at any time.

Telephone Reference

Over the telephone we will answer questions that require short, readily available, factual information and does not require extensive searching or lengthy reading. Telephone Reference is available: Monday - Wednesday 9am - 9pm; Thursday 9am - 6pm; Friday 9am - 5pm; Saturday 10am - 5pm; and Sunday 1pm - 5pm at 816-701-3433.

Government Documents

A selective federal government depository since 1881, the Library carries core documents such as the Federal Register, U.S. Code, Code of Federal Regulations, Statutes at Large and U.S. Reports. We also select historical census publications, congressional documents and climatological data. The Library is also a partial depository for Missouri state documents. The collection itself is not large, but we do have some items such as the Official State Manual, Session Laws and the Revised Statutes that go back to the late 1800’s. Staff can help customers access many other federal and state publications and data from numerous government web sites.

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