Current Economic Crisis Information

List of resources regarding the current economic crisis.


Tavis Smiley - Road to Wealth
Watch videos with Maria Bartiromo and Suze Oreman explaining the economic crisis and inflatable rate mortgages.

Text of H.R. 1424
Information about the bill voted on and passed by the Senate on October 1, 2008

News Sources

New York Times - Business
Business articles from The New York Times.

Bailout - PBS Nightly Business Report
Provides coverage and analysis of the proposed government bailout.

NPR - Economy
Economy section of National Public Radio.


Hope for Homeowners Program

Mortgage Foreclosure Assistance in Kansas City
Enter in the search box "mortgage assistance"

Consumer Credit Counseling – Non-profit services
Enter in the search box "credit counseling"

Bank Regulations and Data

Deposit Insurance

About FDIC Insurance

Bank Data Guide
Is your bank insured? Who is the regulator of your bank? Get current financial data on insured banks.

Failed Bank Information

Federal Reserve Bank

Economy Watch
From the Comptroller of the Currency, U.S. Dept. of Treasury.

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