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This article highlights various resources which can help you learn a language.

Library Resources | Online Language Lessons
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Library Resources

The library offers a wide array of language self-instruction materials in e-audiobook, audio cassette, book, CD, audiobook, video cassette, DVD and e-book formats. Included are resources covering more than 30 languages, many from top-name language instruction publishers like Pimsleur International, Berlitz Publishing, Penton Overseas, Living Language, Recorded Books, and Simon & Schuster Audio.

To find them using the Library’s catalog, do a subject search on language self instruction to find all languages or narrow the subject search to a specific language by, for example, searching on Spanish language self instruction.

Online Language Lessons Free Online Language Courses
Provides links to free online language-learning courses.

BBC Languages
Offers free online language-learning courses with emphasis on major European languages. Also offers links in 33 languages to the BBC news.

FSI Language Courses
Free registration and instruction using language courses first developed by the U. S. Foreign Service Institute and now in the public domain.

Live Mocha
Free registration and instruction offered in online language-learning community environment. Features interactive lessons and includes both written and audio components. Learners can track progress online. Geared to both adults and young adults.

Mango Languages
Free registration offered for initial subscription plan. Advanced lessons offered through two additional fee-based subscription plans. Particular attention paid to providing instruction that is “fun and engaging.” Audio provided by native speakers. Geared to both adults and young adults.

National Foreign Language Center
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education and offered through the University of Maryland this site provides free online instruction in Mandarin Chinese.

Open Culture
Evaluates and provides links to free cultural and educational media including podcasts, videos, audiobooks, online courses and more.

Instruction in many harder-to-find languages included among this sites free online course links.

Language Tools

TravLang Translating Dictionaries
Foreign Languages for Travelers teaches the basics of over 80 languages, and translating dictionaries contain thousands of words. Also provides a worldwide hotel database, rules and regulations for international driving, detailed currency exchange rates, links to reservations and detailed destination information.
Online French, Italian and Spanish dictionary.

Word2Word Language Dictionaries and Translators
Links to dictionaries of both common and obscure languages. Foreign Language Online Dictionaries
Dictionaries, grammars, and other language resources.

Local Language Groups
First, choose your location, next pick languages. Learn about the many different language groups who meet in the Kansas City area. Choose from French, Russian, Spanish, or try the group that encompasses all European languages.

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