Otto Moilan

8th Street

This painting purportedly looks down 8th Street in Kansas City. Buildings are colorful yet rendered in muted tones contrasting darkly coated pedestrians at their bases. Cars trail off in the distance and merge with the painting's Impressionistic style into an overcast sky. This work is noted as being painted for the W.P.A. (Works Progress Administration). The W.P.A.

Missouri Ave.

"Missouri Ave" is an oil on canvas landscape painting in the Impressionist style. It depicts a view of the Missouri Avenue, located in the North East district of Kansas City, Missouri. The painting showcases multi-story buildings on either side of a street view with both automobiles and pedestrians. Businesses are visible on the left hand side of the work by the store front signs of "Tailor" and "Loans." "Missouri Ave" is an original painting signed by the artist.