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rendering of downtown stadium

In this installment of “What’s Your KC Q,” in which readers ask us questions about the city, we hear from Brian. He asked: “Is there any potential of relocating the Royals to downtown KC?” The short answer: Maybe, but it’d be a while.

Portrait of John McCoy

It sure seems like Kansas City ought to be named Missouri City, doesn’t it? Although, our neighbors to the north in Clay County where the actual Missouri City is located might have something to say about that. To better understand why Kansas City was given its name, we must first gain an understanding of why a city was established here, and also what was going on in the world at that time.

In Name Only movie poster

1939’s In Name Only was made under the Hollywood Production Code. It managed to bend the usual rules out of shape and should have been on the code’s naughty list. How did they get away with it?