Landscape Photography

Enjoy the natural beauty of the Midwest and Western U.S. in these collections of landscape photography.

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Places of Grace: The Natural Landscapes of the American Midwest
Photographs by Gary Irving; essay by Michal Strutin
This collection of photographs uncovers the mystery and beauty of a part of the country that for most people is hidden in plain view. Places of Grace reveals both the physical splendor and the natural history of a ten-state region encompassing Illinois, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri, Kansas, Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan. Open Places of Grace and be guided through forest, wetland, and prairie into the heart of the undiscovered Midwest. From the prairie grasses of western Nebraska to the boreal forests of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, this volume delights the eye and fires the imagination with unexpected images of lands that yet retain the marks of their primeval origins.

On Second Glance book jacket

On Second Glance: Midwest Photographs
By Larry Kanfer
Without the evident drama of treacherous glaciers or mountain peaks, the Midwestern landscape may - on first glance - appear commonplace. But those who look again will find an uncommon beauty as eloquent as that of the highest waterfall. With this distinctive collection of photographs, Larry Kanfer uncovers anew the drama of the prairie's changing skies and seasons and celebrates the serene dignity of the Midwest.

On the Plains
By Peter Brown
Brown's photos of the open spaces at America's heart reveal a complex landscape beautiful and powerful, meditative and dynamic, vast yet intimate.

Our National Parks
By Ansel Adams; edited by Andrea G. Stillman and William A. Turnage
In the century since the establishment of the world's first national park at Yellowstone, no individual has rivaled Ansel Adams in his unceasing effort – through both his photographs and writings – to support the philosophical essence and practical evolution of the "national park idea."

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Missouri Landscapes: Designs from Nature
Photography and text by Kevin Sink
In Missouri Landscapes, renowned nature photographer Kevin Sink provides more than fifty breathtaking color images of Missouri's most dramatic and beautiful landscapes. His passion for the environment and his expertise in photography are evident in these lush photos, which so beautifully capture the delicate artistry of nature.

Living Landscapes of Kansas
Text by O.J. Reichman; photographs by Steve Mulligan
Reflecting the marvelous alchemy of earth, wind, fire, and water enacted over countless centuries, O. J. Reichman's meditative text and Steve Mulligan's stunning color photographs reveal a wondrously diverse state. Ranging across both widely known and unfamiliar forests and prairies, rivers and lakes, geological formations and botanical splendors, they capture the essence of a state alive with natural beauty.

A Bountiful Harvest: The Midwestern Farm Photographs of Pete Wettach, 1925-1965
By Leslie A. Loveless
A. M. "Pete" Wettach photographed the people of farming communities in and around his home state of Iowa during the Great Depression, World War II, and the postwar years, leaving behind an incomparably rich account of a way of life that has nearly vanished from the rural Midwest. Leslie Loveless has carefully selected the images that best represent both the creativity of the photographer and the poignancy of Midwestern farm life during some of its most difficult years; she has also provided an informative essay on Wettach's life and times.

So Incredibly Idaho!: Seven Landscapes that Define the Gem State
By Carlos Arnaldo Schwantes
Using colorful images from his own photographic collection, Schwantes describes the hidden forces and historical events that have impacted the landscape of Idaho.

Taking Measures across the American Landscape
Essays, drawings, and captions by James Corner; photographs by Alex MacLean
This book combines breathtaking aerial photographs and exquisite map-drawings of the American landscape with thoughtful essays that explore how various cultures have forged the landscapes in different regions of the country and what the possibilities are for future landscape design.

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