Pick Your Favorite Fictional Characters for the Off-the-Shelf All-Star Team!

It’s the bottom of the ninth, two outs, bases loaded. The game is tied. The sci-fi flyboy steps up to the plate. He grips his plasma bat and digs in. The 19th century mad scientist on the mound takes the signal from the pirate catcher and concocts a poisonous curveball.

The Off-the-Shelf All-Stars are playing for keeps.

It’s All-Star summer for Kansas City and Major League Baseball, but here at the Library, we’re picking all-stars of our own – from the pages of our favorite books.

And you’re going to determine who makes the cut.

Off-the-Shelf All-Star Poll: July 1 – 10, 2012

Every day starting this Sunday, July 1, and leading up to the big game on Tuesday, July 10, we’ll ask fans on our Facebook page to nominate a fictional character from a specified genre to be an honorary Off-the-Shelf All-Star.

Each day of the series will bring a surprise genre. We might ask for an otherworldly wizard to pluck would-be homers off the left field wall, or an evil genius to snag grounders at short.

Each morning at 9 a.m., we’ll post a Facebook Question revealing the genre plus a few official nominations. Your job is to vote on our suggestions or write in your own nomination for other people to vote on. Who knows, maybe your favorite character could end up an OTS All-Star.

Choosing the Winners

After each round is over, the contender with the most votes will be posted on the field roster the next day, along with the call for the next position’s nominations. The positions will be voted on as follows: First Base (July 1), Second Base (July 2), Shortstop (July 3), Third Base (July 4), Catcher (July 5), Outfield (July 6-8), Pitcher (July 9), and Coach (July 10).

Update: Here’s the field so far. Like us on Facebook.com/kclibrary to stay on top of the voting.

OTS All Star field

Here’s who’s been voted onto the team so far.

First Base (Fantasy Character): Professor Dumbledore, Harry Potter
Second Base (Famous Spy): Jason Bourne, The Bourne Identity
Shortstop (Kid Genius): Ender Wiggin, Ender’s Game
Third Base (American Hero): Calamity Jane, Buffalo Girls
Center Field (Teen Idol): Holden Caufield, The Catcher in the Rye
Left Field (Paranormal Being): Vote Friday, July 6
Right Field (Classic Adventurer): Vote Saturday, July 7
Catcher (Famous Animal): Vote Sunday, July 8
Pitcher (TBA): Vote Monday, July 9
Coach (TBA): Vote Tuesday, July 10

Get your book-ball cap on, and let’s build a team of literary giants to rival those “real” boys of summer!


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