Video: How to Download E-books from the Library

Have you checked out an e-book from our OverDrive collection? E-books are becoming more and more popular, but some Library customers have found the process of downloading an e-book and getting it onto an e-reader rather tricky. Here’s a handy video tutorial to help you along.

As you’ll see in the video, you must first download the third-party software Adobe Digital Editions onto your personal computer in order to use our e-books. This is so publishers can protect their content against copyright infringement (i.e., people copying and distributing books, as they frequently do with music MP3s). It’s a bit of a chore at first, but once you have ADE set up and know where to look for the Library’s e-books, it’s a pretty smooth process.

One other note: Unfortunately, you cannot bring your e-reader into the Library to plug into a public computer to download e-books. Again, this is because of publisher’s restrictions. You can, however, bring your own laptop into any Library location, hook up your e-reader, and use our free wi-fi connection to download to your heart’s content. You can also, of course, download our e-books from anywhere outside the Library.

Now, here’s the video. And if you would like written instructions as well, find them here.

-- Jason Harper