Video: How to Download E-books for Your Smartphone or Tablet PC

Whether you’ve got a Xoom tablet, Droid phone, or one of those myriad gadgets that begin with a lowercase “i,” downloading Library e-books onto your device is easy. All you need is the OverDrive Media Console app and, of course, a free Kansas City Public Library Card and PIN.

This video tutorial shows how to use the Library’s EPUB e-books collection, supplied by OverDrive, on your Internet-enabled mobile device. There's no need to come into the Library -- as long as you've got a connection, you can check out e-books from anywhere and begin reading them immediately.

For a complete list of devices that work with our e-books, visit the Device Resources Center at You will also need to create an Adobe ID in order to check out books (this is because of publishers’ digital copyright restrictions). The video explains that, too.

Happy downloading, and feel free to e-mail me or hit up the Library on Twitter if you need help!

-- Jason Harper

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