Up, Up, and Away 2: More Super Books for Super Kids

Hello again to all the young and old superhero lovers alike! With the continuous rise and success of the superhero genre, it's only right that children's books take on the mantel of being youth's first introduction to the hero way. Now, the hero way can be described or taught in many ways, so thank goodness for these superhero books and their often
surprisingly fresh take on what it means to not just be a superhero, but a super person.

SuperFab Saves the Day
Jean Leroy and Berengere Delaporte

SuperFab is the most fashionable, superhero rabbit around! SuperFab not only lives in a super rabbit hole, with a super living room full of super books, but he also has a super walk in closet! The walk in closet is where SuperFab chooses the perfect superhero outfit, that way he can fight crime in style! Unfortunately, SuperFab focuses so much time on choosing his outfit that by the time he arrives at the scene of the crime, another superhero has already taken care of the problem! Eventually, no one calls SuperFab anymore because he never shows up on time. That is until one day, SuperFab’s city is faced with its greatest and equally fashionable villain yet, The Destroyer! It looks like it’s finally up to SuperFab to save the day! SuperFab Saves the Day has awesome color penciled illustrations with a bright and fun color pallet. Also, it is a great story about enforcing priorities and about valuing the importance of time and commitments to others.

Superhero Joe and the Creature Next Door
Written By Jacqueline Priess Weitzman Drawn by Ron Barrett

Superhero Joe is living peacefully in his small town when a moving van arrives and brings the creature next door! Superhero Joe is very wary of this new creature and decides to keep a close eye on him. Superhero Joe discovers the creature's plot to take over the tree house that use to belong to his old next door neighbors! Superhero Joe’s old neighbors always said that he could play in it, but he never got the chance, and now he is afraid he never will! So Superhero Joe springs into action and prepares to confront the evil creature next door. Will all of his training prepare him for the surprise he finds next door? You’ll have to read and find out! Superhero Joe and the Creature Next Door is a fun book about meeting new people and facing the idea that sometimes our fears get the best of us. Also, the style choice to mirror comic books, by creating panel to panel shots and scenes, lends nicely to the medium and the amazing drawings from the same illustrator of Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs."

Motor Dog
Kurt Cyrus and David Gordon

Is a dog still loyal if he’s made of metal? Flip the Kid decides that today is the day he wants a pet, but not just any pet, the mechanical Motor Dog! Motor Dog may be made of metal and come with a remote control, but he is still extremely dog like. Motor Dog likes to go on walks, play fetch…and use his rockets to chase cats up trees. Sometimes Motor Dog has errors and freezes, but when he reboots, Motor Dog is back, ready for action and will do anything for his new friend Flip! Motor Dog may have bonus features and awesome gadgets, but some of his best qualities are just being a good dog. Motor Dog is a fun story written in even funnier rhyme. The colorful illustrations are done with a very soft digital painter vibe. Motor Dog shows that even with all the wrapping and the trimmings, sometimes the simplest things are the ones that provide the greatest impact.

Mighty Max!
Harriet Ziefert Drawings by Elliot Kreloff

Mighty Max, also known as Maxwell, is a wave of superhero, action, crime fighting energy! Max’s dad is always asking Max to be careful and sit down when he is doing his hero work. Max sits down, but not for long! Next thing you know, Max is jumping off the playground like Superman, climbing on piles of rocks like King Kong, and riding his bike like he was stuntman Evel Knievel! But Max wasn’t any of those people, he was Mighty Max, ready for a glorious day at the beach with his dad and dog. Mighty Max lifts heavy picnic baskets, helps save the beach ball game, and battles lunch stealing seagulls. Mighty Max triumphantly eats his lunch on top of the highest dune at the beach. Max’s dad asks him to sit down with his lunch. We all know Mighty Max will sit, but not for long… Mighty Max is fun story about an imaginative youngster who has to deal with the challenges of mild-mannered expectations and child physical limitations. They want to grow up and be heroes so fast, so in the meantime enjoy this tale of a young energetic hero to be. Mighty Max also has a great illustration style similar to a child's hand, with very open and simple shapes, with drawings done in crayons.

About the Author

Shaun Teamer

Shaun Teamer is a creator and storyteller. He enjoys drawing, reading, and still flying through skies. During the day he works as a mild-mannered Youth Associate at the Central Public Library. During the night, he does the same thing, but with a cape.

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